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Navigating PSDS Phase 3c with Salix Webinars

Salix PSDS Phase 3c Webinars

The announcement of Phase 3c of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS), backed by a significant £590 Million funding pool, is a watershed moment for public sector bodies committed to a sustainable transition. While the potential is tremendous, navigating the scheme can pose challenges. This is where the series of PSDS Phase 3c webinars, orchestrated by Salix, come into play.

Salix's objective is clear: to offer clarity on available funding schemes, present opportunities to engage with the Salix team and government representatives and aid grant recipients in advancing their projects seamlessly. The importance of these webinars is underscored by the looming challenges of climate change and the pressing need for decarbonisation in the public sector.

For those keen on a broad overview, the general webinars on the 7th, 12th, and 21st of September are tailor-made for you. These sessions are open to all sectors and provide a comprehensive look into the PSDS funding, ensuring that attendees understand the scheme's core aspects and have the opportunity to pose questions.

On the other hand, those affiliated with the educational sector should look to attend the education-specific webinar on the 26th of September. This session, designed for individuals collaborating with schools and academies, promises a deep dive into the nuances of PSDS applications in the educational sector.

Yet, the learning doesn't end there. Grasping the role of Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) is pivotal for successfully implementing any PSDS project. Salix's DNO webinars on the 28th of September, 3rd, and 10th of October will shed light on the intricacies of enhancing onsite electrical capacity, ensuring that attendees walk away with actionable insights.

The HI Group, also known as Hillside Infinitas, has a track record that speaks volumes: having secured over £25 Million in grants, we've empowered several FE colleges to advance towards their net-zero goals. With Phase 3c on the horizon, we are more committed than ever. Over the coming weeks and months, we pledge to provide incisive information, support, and guidance on this pivotal phase of the PSDS funding scheme.

In this era of rapid transformation, staying informed and leveraging the right expertise can make all the difference. We urge public sector organisations to tap into Salix's webinar series. And, remember, the HI Group stands ready to support you in your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

To understand more about PSDS Phase 3c, register for the webinars. Be informed, inspired, and ready for a sustainable transition. Join us in shaping a brighter, eco-friendly future for the public sector.

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