Go Green Tools - The Basics

We get it, the world of low-carbon can be complicated to navigate. In The Basics, we've broken it down into simple-to-understand terms.


Use our jargon buster to learn common sustainability terms. Our 2-minute sound-bites are also coming soon, where we demystify phrases often used in the sustainability sector.

Low-carbon is simpler than you think!

Low-Carbon Jargon Buster

A glossary-style guide to technical terms often used in the low-carbon sector. We explain the niche phrases you may have heard and not understood, so you're fully up-to-speed on environmental terminology.

What does carbon-neutral mean?

A short, 2-minute video where our founder, Russell, explains the meaning of 'carbon-neutral', 'net-zero' and the premise of becoming an organisation with zero emissions.

What are Scope, 1, 2 and 3?

Another in our series of short, 2-minute video guides. Here, our founder, Russell, talks you through Scope, 1, 2 and 3 and how you can address these types of emissions. 

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