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Go Green Tools - The Basics

We get it, the world of low-carbon can be complicated to navigate. In The Basics, we've broken it down into simple-to-understand terms.


Use our jargon buster to learn common sustainability terms. Our 2-minute sound-bites are also coming soon, where we demystify phrases often used in the sustainability sector.

Low-carbon is simpler than you think!

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A glossary-style guide to technical terms often used in the low-carbon sector. We explain the niche phrases you may have heard and not understood, so you're fully up-to-speed on environmental terminology.

Carbon Literacy Resources

These videos by WWF Shout Out UK and University of British Columbia will help you to become carbon-literate, bust the main myths about climate change and learn the basics of the climate system, including climate policy.

Watch the videos and take a look at further resources here: 

socenv world environment day website 1920 × 1080 px).png

Hillside and other Chartered Environmentalists share their views on how we can strive for a way of life that doesn’t negatively impact the environment and its ecosystems.

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A podcast featuring Tilly Jarvis, from Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK), Dr Roddy Yarr from University of Strathclyde and our founder, Russell Burton, discussing the COP26 goal: adapting to protect communities and natural habitats. 

Image by Jason Abdilla

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