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A curated list of industry articles and webinars we have found inspiring, plus announcements and legislation you should be aware of. 
Amongst a crowded newsplace, our Insight & News page provides you with clarity and shares items that will help you on your decarbonisation journey. 

6 April 2022 - McKinsey & Company

6 April 2022 - McKinsey & Company

Transitioning from oil and gas to renewable energy sources is critical to combat climate change. We can all learn something here - it’s not too late to go green.

6 April 2022 - McKinsey & Company

An interview with president of Bechtel’s infrastructure global business unit. Discussing changes required to enable the delivery of the unprecedented number of projects needed to meet net-zero targets.

3 May 2022 - Word Resources Institute

"Highlights the enormous potential of nature to reduce the risks of climate change and build resilience."

21 April 2022 - Word Resources Institute

"As the largest consumer of oil worldwide and one of the main CO2 emitters, reimagining the transport sector is key to cutting ties with fossil fuels."