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Insight & News

A curated list of industry articles and webinars we have found inspiring, plus announcements and legislation you should be aware of. 
Amongst a crowded newsplace, our Insight & News page provides you with clarity and shares items that will help you on your decarbonisation journey. 

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18 July 2022 - McKinsey & Company

Exploring the possibilities of electrification for a range of industrial companies, whilst recognising the timely action needed to meet demand, from heat to transport and more. 

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22 July 2022 - McKinsey & Company

An innovative look at the way we produce and consume heat, considering new systems that could speed up the emissions-reduction process.

Image by Johannes Plenio

More insight...

This digest, written by leading consulting firm McKinsey, explores how businesses and society can grow and evolve whilst remaining ethical.

It's updated weekly and the team at Hillside finds it useful to keep on top of the latest environmental topics.

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6 April 2022 - McKinsey & Company

Transitioning from oil and gas to renewable energy sources is critical to combat climate change. We can all learn something here - it’s not too late to go green.

6 April 2022 - McKinsey & Company

An interview with president of Bechtel’s infrastructure global business unit. Discussing changes required to enable the delivery of the unprecedented number of projects needed to meet net-zero targets.

3 May 2022 - World Resources Institute

"Highlights the enormous potential of nature to reduce the risks of climate change and build resilience."

21 April 2022 - Word Resources Institute

"As the largest consumer of oil worldwide and one of the main CO2 emitters, reimagining the transport sector is key to cutting ties with fossil fuels."

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