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Hillside and Infinitas Merge to Form HI Group: A New Chapter in Environmental Sustainability

Hillside and Infinitas logo announcing merger

Hillside is pleased to announce our merger with Infinitas, a company we've been proud to work alongside for over a decade. The journey leading to this pivotal moment has been one of shared vision, collaborative projects, and a mutual commitment to creating environmentally sustainable solutions.

The creation of HI Group, the result of this merger, is more than a blending of names. It is a testament to the seamless collaboration we've maintained over the years and an embodiment of our shared passion for the environment. By joining forces, we are able to harness the unique expertise and knowledge each of our teams brings, transforming them into a more potent force for change.

Our customers remain at the heart of our operations. As HI Group, we are positioned to offer enhanced resources and more comprehensive support to assist our clientele on their journey towards a greener future. This merger enhances our capacity to cater to our client's needs, providing them with the robust, innovative solutions they've come to expect from us.

We see this merger as a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to facilitate sustainable change. The union marks a new chapter in our commitment to the environment and the people we serve. We believe that together, as HI Group, we can make an even more significant impact in promoting and implementing green initiatives.

This formalisation of our decade-long partnership is not the end, but rather the beginning of an exciting journey into the future of environmental sustainability.

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