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Welcome Laura Burton, our new Summer Engineering Intern at HI Group

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Laura has successfully navigated her first year studying Engineering Design at university and joins us, eager to apply her academic knowledge to real-world engineering challenges.

As she embarks on her summer journey with us, let's get to know Laura better through her own words.

Young engineer, Laura Burton, begins summer internship at Hi Group

What will I be doing during my placement?

During my time here, I will be actively assisting the engineering team at HI Group. I'll be getting hands-on with feasibility projects for several colleges. My work will include data analysis, producing greenhouse gas emission reports, and creating feasibility studies. It's a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in a practical engineering environment.

What would I like to achieve during your internship?

My main aim for this internship is to make a meaningful contribution to the efforts of the HI Group. I see it as an incredible opportunity to grow professionally and enhance my confidence within an active engineering setting.

Why did I choose HI Group?

During a previous work experience with Laura at Infinitas, I gained a lot of knowledge and had a great time learning. The experience ignited my passion for decarbonisation and the potential of engineering to drive positive change. After wrapping up my first year of Engineering Design at university, I was eager to return to HI Group and contribute to its mission.

What are my thoughts on the climate crisis, and how would I fix it?

I firmly believe that the climate crisis is the most critical issue we face today. To mitigate its impact, we need to adopt a solutions-focused approach. Heat pumps, for instance, are a crucial yet often overlooked part of this strategy. I'm excited to contribute to the Hi Group's efforts in this area.

At HI Group, we're committed to fostering the next generation of engineers. We understand the value of practical experience and mentorship in shaping young professionals. By providing our interns with opportunities to work on real projects, we aim to equip them with the skills and knowledge that will drive their future success and the sustainability of our planet.

We are thrilled to have Laura join our team. Her passion and enthusiasm for engineering and the environment bring new energy to our work, and we look forward to the innovative ideas she will undoubtedly bring to the table.

Welcome aboard, Laura! We're excited to engineer a sustainable future together.

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