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If you’re considering working with an environmental consultant on your low-carbon journey, it’s important to understand their level of expertise. The following accreditations are well-recognised in the environmental sector and highlight consultants or firms whose work is of a high standard.


Not only that, some of them are vital for ensuring work is completed in line with legislation or to meet government requirements. We’ve summarised the ones you should be looking out for, take a read of our guide or watch the accompanying videos.

SocEnv (Society for the Environment)

The Society for the Environment works as a partnership with 24 Member Bodies and is the body responsible for the registration of environmental professionals. Chartered Environmentalist status (CEnv) reflects a high level of skill and experience, and is awarded to dedicated and experienced environmental professionals via the society. 

Chartered Environmental Professionals must meet 12 competences in order to be accredited - you can download these here.

Our director, Russell, has been accredited as a Chartered Environmentalist by IEMA, the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

Watch the video to find out more about the benefits of working with a Chartered Environmentalist  

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Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU
Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant

CIBSE stands for the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants are certified as being able to provide advice on how to minimise energy use and carbon emissions from new and existing buildings both in design and operation.

Our team includes certified CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants - you can find us on the Online Certification Register here.

Our work as qualified Low Carbon Consultants involves:

  • Establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving energy management systems

  • Developing processes and procedures

  • Improvement of energy performance in a systematic way

  • Ensuring that the energy management system conforms with its stated energy policy & demonstrating such conformance to stakeholders


Watch the video to learn how Low Carbon Consultants can help your organisation create

energy-efficient buildings


In their own words, "CEEQUAL is the evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating, and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping, and public realm projects".

It uses rigorous evidence-based assessment criteria, and external verification of low-carbon projects, to provide a result that can be made public and used in publicity. 

Hillside is an accredited CEEQUAL assessor. Our team uses these standards to aid our energy infrastructure work, as well as providing support to others wanting to adopt them by:


  • Providing general awareness support and project level training workshops in the standards to aid decision-making

  • Building environmental project plans aligned to an accreditation pathway

  • Supporting evidence-building and evaluation 

  • Managing the measurement and scoring tools

  • Providing internal audit support and report progress

  • Supporting the accreditation process

Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy


GCoM is the largest global alliance for city climate leadership, built upon the commitment of over 10,000 cities and local governments. Through the dynamic, multi-level collaboration of world leaders they provide strategic direction for cities, towns, and local authorities to take action against climate change. 


Hillside is a signatory to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and able to access the resources and networks to assist the management and implementation of your greenhouse gas mitigation program.

This video explains the power of working with the Covenant to become a low-carbon community

Image by Jorge Franganillo
Image by Jason Abdilla

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